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Digital Factory Group

DSO-IFZA, IFZA Properties

Dubai Silicon Oasis


+33 6 67 58 86 88  / +33 7 62 19 49 39

Digital Factory Group

DSO-IFZA, IFZA Properties

Dubai Silicon Oasis


+33 6 67 58 86 88  / +33 7 62 19 49 39

 ASIC Hosting

Profitable & ecological

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Our 100% green solution

Whether you are looking for a reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly hosting solution for your machines or want to get into cryptocurrency mining, we offer solutions tailored to your needs!

15 000 +

ASICS installed

32 brand new containers

Last generation

32MW capacity

Total electrical protection

100% green

Hydro-electric energy

Guarded site 24/7

in a secure environment

Modular conception

hosts different types of ASICS

Liquid cooling

and multi-layer air filters

Our mining site
in Paraguay

100% green hosting

Using the excess generation of electricity from oversized hydro-electric plants allows us to value this resource by making environmentally friendly hosting rather than throwing away that energy.


After traveling the world to find the ideal location, we chose the hydro-electric power plant of Itaïpu in Paraguay to build our new complex to offer accommodation of your machines 100% ecological and among the most profitable!

Blockchain, ASICS & Bitcoin

Does blockchain speaks to you?

This brilliant invention which allows us, among other things, to secure monetary transactions by freeing us from banks and states. This invention which gives you the power back, which undermines the monetary sovereignty of states, which frees and facilitates exchanges, which may be worrisome to some but fascinating to others.

Well, to be able to function and secure transactions on a global scale, this blockchain needs the computing power of what is called ASICS in crypto language! These ASICS are very powerful computers that work around the clock to be the first to solve mathematical equations. When a computer is the first to solve an equation it is rewarded with bitcoins or BTC! With these computers we are modern day miners because with every BTC we earn is like mining a gold bar!


BTC is a resource whose quantity is limited. BTC is found while mining with our ASICS computers and the only way to get it without purchasing it directly! Much like gold itself; either gold is mined or is bought commercially. BTC continues to rise in value because it can be used as a currency, to be exchanged with other currencies of the world as well as for services and products.
The more the demand grows, the more its value increases.


Do you feel like a miner at heart? Do not hesitate to contact us !